How do I become a vendor with GAMLS?

  • To become a vendor with GAMLS, you must complete a Data License Agreement with us and have at least one GAMLS member-office as a client. You can find the data license agreements here: Data License Agreements. When filling out the agreement, you as a potential vendor would fill out the agreement as the licensee and your client would complete the section titled 'Office Information and Signature'. You would email the completed agreement to

What kind of RETS feeds does GAMLS offer and what's the difference?

  • We offer two different types of RETS feeds, standard and back office. The standard feed is intended for vendors creating public-facing websites and only includes listings deemed acceptable for public display. The back office feed includes all listings apart from any in the Coming Soon status and is intended for in-office use. That includes offices using it to build CMAs, manage accounting, create broker-agent apps, etc.
    • Any back office agreement submitted is subject to approval by management.

How much does it cost to access the RETS feed?

  • Accessing the standard RETS feed costs $100 per month while the back office feed costs $50 per month.

I'm already a vendor with GAMLS, how can I get a new client approved? Is there an additional fee?

  • To add a new client, you and the client would complete our reciprocity form here: Broker Reciprocity Form. When the form is complete, email it to so that we can issue an approval. Adding new clientele comes at no additional fee.

We need to update our contact information, how can I do that?

  • To update for account information with us, you would complete our RETS Information Update form and email it to You can find that form here: RETS Information Update Form

I'm not familiar with the RETS feed, do you have an API available?

  • Yes, we have an API available through Bridge Interactive. To gain access, you would have to become a RETS subscriber/vendor with us prior to getting approved. (Please refer to the question above for details on becoming a vendor). When you're ready, submit a request for access through the Bridge Interactive platform and include the user ID to your RETS account in the messages section so that we can approve the request.

I am currently building a website using GAMLS data, how do I properly credit GAMLS and brokerages?

  • When posting listing content that uses GAMLS' data, it is required that all 3rd party vendors display the source. This includes the GAMLS name and logo on all applicable pages. This information should be displayed in a reasonably prominent location with reasonable visibility (size, color, font, etc). We also require that all vendors display a copyright notice that identifies GAMLS as the copyright holder of said content. For more detailed information regarding the display, attribution and copyright, as well as image files of our logo, please refer to the documents linked here: Attribution & Logos

I have more questions, how can I get more information?

  • If you have any additional questions please send an email to